Morro da Mina mine was inaugurated in 1902.

Considered the deposit in Minas Gerais with the largest manganese ore capacity, its operation aims to provide part of the ore needs of Nexus’ Ferroalloy Plant.

The mine handles 60% of the ore capacity for silico-manganese.

Production capacity: 163 Kt/year

Barbacena unit was inaugurated in 1967.

Unit able to produce special products, for having furnaces with flexibility for several specifications of manganese alloys – silico-manganese, high carbon ferromanganese and medium carbon ferromanganese.

Production capacity: 66 Kt/year

Ouro Preto unit was inaugurated in 1981.

Ouro Preto unit has the largest closed furnace of South America with a capacity of 30 MVA, totaling 48 MVA in total power installed in 3 furnaces.

Production capacity: 64 Kt/year